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15 APRIL 2015
Timely tool goes beyond traditional watch to help you detect marks of concern earlier and faster

Asian economies have become rife with hard-to-identify brand infringement over the last decade. Trademark infringement and counterfeit losses are higher in Asia than in any other region of the world, possibly exceeding $250 billion per year, according to the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The growing threat of Asian infringement and counterfeits makes protection a critical issue for Western brands. Protection efforts in Asia are already complex and are further complicated by the nuances of Asian characters, tone, and resemblance, which all add unique infringement opportunities often undetected by traditional watching processes. To make protection efforts even harder, the similarity of a mark in Japan and China (Asia¿s two largest economies) is driven by local similarity code systems, not by Nice classes that typically drive world watches.

As a result, trademark owners are often left filing dozens of simultaneous opposition cases to protect their marks.

Last year, Corsearch introduced the Local Asia Watch to help you manage the complex, time-consuming process of enforcing trademark rights in Asia. Based on filings rather than publication, this timely service provides earlier reporting that saves you research time and streamlines your workflow. Most importantly, unlike World Watches and more common local watches, the Corsearch Local Asia Watch detects potential infringement far beyond phonetic similarities of a watched mark to marks filed in Latin characters or those phonetically resembling Western pronunciations after the Pinyin transcription into Latin. The expanded watch scope offered by the specialized Corsearch product detects also the following, none of which are covered in regular watch services:
  • Phonetic Similarities
    • Between Latin character marks and Chinese transliterations
    • Between Chinese character marks (regardless of intonation)
  • Visual Similarities
    • Between Latin marks exploited in infringing filings
    • Between Chinese characters such as 兔七 (tù qi): 兔七 (mian bi)
  • Similarities in Meaning and Concepts
    • Latin : Latin
    • Chinese : Chinese
Local Asia Watch helps identify risk through an easy-to-use interface and these valuable features:
  • High quality translations
    Including phonetic translations

  • Conflicting registrations
    Rather than relying on Nice classes alone, the National Similarity Codes for goods and services are provided

  • Comprehensive regional coverage
    China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam

  • Enhanced Content
    Mark Names, Owner Names, and Goods and Services; fully translated or transliterated
Start detecting marks of concern not found through traditional watch with Local Asia Watch. Contact your account manager to make Local Asia Watch your early warning system to minimize risk in Asia.