We're Innovative.

Empowering you with creative, flexible solutions to help establish and protect your brands.

We're Experts.

70 years of experience serving customers on 5 continents.

We're Human.

We meet, we listen, and we still answer the phone.

We are Corsearch.

And we're your partner, not just a vendor.

Who we are

In an industry built on an increasing reliance on technology, Corsearch is different.

What we do

We empower companies with innovative solutions and insight to help them establish, manage and protect brands.

What Our Customers Say

Our clients tell us over and over why they stay with Corsearch: because we're a partner, not a vendor.

"The Corsearch team is always attentive to our need for customization and therefore to those of our clients."

Julien Scicluna, Laurent Charras

"We tested Corsearch and decided to entrust our Trademark Watching and Searches to them. Not only because the fees proposed were attractive but also because we found that the team and particularly our contact persons are reactive, and imaginative."

French Law Firm Partner

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Corsearch is a newly independent company with great resources, great energy and a great trajectory forward, yet with the backbone of a well-established, highly dynamic, long-standing business.