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Do you feel intrigued when hearing about trademarks and brand protection? YES?! So do we! At Corsearch, our teams live and breathe trademarks. As funny as that sounds, there’s no pushing brand establishment and protection from our thoughts. We’re thinking about coined trademarks in the car, a detailed design search over lunch, Common Law while sitting with the in-laws, and transportation trademarks on the treadmill. It’s what we do. And people come to Corsearch to be challenged, developed, supported, and valued.

Open opportunities

Corsearch has over 350 employees serving over 5000 clients on 5 continents, and we’re growing…FAST. Ours is a global operation with US Headquarters in Manhattan, NY, European Headquarters in Mechelen, Belgium, and with six more major offices worldwide. What that means for you is… opportunity. Whether you’re in sales, research, operations, support, marketing, IT or other, we’re in search of the best in each discipline. Bookmark this page to always be linked to the most current Corsearch career opportunities.

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From The Team

To ask our tenured account managers and researchers what they love about their work life would reveal common trends that keep them in the Corsearch family: being part of a team of like-minds who love a good search puzzle, being empowered to deliver unparalleled customer service, and being a member of a transparent organization that recognizes and rewards talented work.

Corsearch is a newly independent company with great resources, great energy and a great trajectory forward, yet with the backbone as a well-established, highly dynamic, long-standing business. We have the most well-respected reputation in the exciting world of clearance and protection solutions for trademark and brand professionals. Our clients are the top companies and law firms globally, responsible for bringing new concepts and products to the world, and we support them in this important journey. The individuals who are part of the core of driving our success are those who build and support accounts and client relationships.

Why Join Corsearch?

Exciting responsibility and career development, competitive compensation and benefits, and the chance to be part of this world class team. Because the trademark industry’s best-of-the-best call Corsearch “home”.

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After we receive your CV, we are thrilled to find out if we have just met a potential match. How do we evaluate this? When reading your resume we try to find out what triggers you professionally and personally. (Based on education, experience, skills and knowledge.) We strive to send everyone a personal message, providing feedback within 1 week after you have applied.

Let's Meet!

Depending on the position, the location and the people that are involved in the process for that position, you will be interviewed. This could be via phone, Skype or face to face. Interviews can be with one or more interviewers and might take more than 1 round. But no need to be nervous! You and your time are valuable to us. If we are convinced you’d be a great “Corsearcher”, we will let you know as soon as possible.

If It's A Great Fit...

We’ve talked, we’ve met and you really feel like you could contribute to the firm? If we feel the same way, we’ll be thrilled to welcome you on board. Because after all: Our people are the core of Corsearch. So it is time to present to you our job offer! If we are in agreement on the terms and conditions, we set a start date and help you to prepare for your first day at Corsearch.

Who We Are

In an industry built on an increasing reliance on technology, Corsearch is different.


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Our customers tell us what they value most...that we still answer the phone.

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