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Committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Every client has unique and specific expectations and needs. Accordingly, Corsearch avoids the one-size-fits-all approach used too often by others. Our unique approach is to tailor our services based on the requirements of each client.

Key elements to our outstanding customer care program include:
  • Immediate responsiveness to customer requests
  • Customer profiles for personalized reports
  • Dedicated research teams for specific accounts, with researchers developing ongoing relationships with the clients
  • A dedicated customer service department
  • Multiple channels for easy ordering
  • Customized packaging for reports and pricing


Research at Corsearch is conducted through a unique team-based system. Each team consists of a Team Leader and a mix of researchers and senior researchers. Clients are assigned to a team and that team handles every order that client places. This system has shown to be the best way to produce efficient, accurate, and customized search results.

Most importantly, clients can rely on knowing that a team is dedicated to its reports. Relationship building and personalized attention are important parts of the search process, and the team system allows researchers to know their clients and understand their specific needs. This organizational structure and communication approach ensures consistency and precision each time you place an order.