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18 AUGUST 2015

Time to Sign Up for the .LAW and .ABOGADO Sunrise Period with Corsearch

The .LAW and .ABOGADO (Spanish for “.ATTORNEY”) domains launched into Sunrise on July 30th, with several law firms and similar service businesses already signing up. The .LAW domain will be dedicated to providing the global legal profession with a trusted and memorable URL to stand out from overcrowded and unvetted domains. Here’s what you need to know:

Sunrise Period opensSunrise Period closesEarly Access Program opensEarly Access Program closesGeneral Availability
July 30, 2015 September 28, 2015 October 12, 2015 October 19, 2015 October 19, 2015

This is an “end date” Sunrise that will run for 60 days. This means that names will not be allocated on a first come, first served basis, but that multiple applications for the same name will go to an auction at the end of the Sunrise period, which could result in additional costs.

Requirements for Registration

In order to register .LAW and .ABOGADO domains (in any phase), registrants must be a qualified lawyer, identifiable as a currently licensed practitioner in the public records kept by the relevant approved regulator. In order to verify the eligibility of domain registrants, the registry will require the following additional information as part of applying for a .LAW/.ABOGADO name:

  • Name of legal regulator
  • Date of registration with legal regulator
  • Reference number of registration with legal regulator
  • Jurisdiction of legal regulator

Please note that this information may be published by the registry (e.g. in the registry’s WHOIS directory). Also, since these domains are available for registration by registrants from anywhere in the world, what constitutes an “appropriately regulated and licensed legal professional” may vary from country to country. Registrants may be contacted by the registry’s validation services company with requests to supply additional information or supporting documentation to prove eligibility.

How Corsearch Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) Can Help

During the Sunrise period, trademark owners may register their domain names assuming that the term they’re applying for is in the TMCH. Since this is a 60-day Sunrise, there is plenty of time to submit a TMCH request to Corsearch and have it validated before the Sunrise period ends.

The costs listed below are inclusive of all applicable fees. Please speak with your account representative about the Early Access Program.

  Sunrise General Availability Sunrise General Availability
1 year $420 $310 $350 $240
2 year $715 $560 $580 $450
3 year $1,050 $930 $800 $680
4 year $1,360 $1,240 $1,030 $910
5 year $1,670 $1,550 $1,250 $1,130
* For 5+ year registrations, please contact us for pricing. 

By signing up with Corsearch, you will find no easier way to defend against exact infringement of your name within the .LAW and .ABOGADO TLDs than through the TMCH.

  • Enter, review, submit, and renew trademarks quickly via the Corsearch platform
  • Easily enter registration numbers to populate required fields to save time
  • Faster processing of your trademark applications
  • Avoid mistakes through built-in error checking
  • Stay informed with regular notifications of trademark claims notices

Remember to sign up now at corsearchdomains@wolterskluwer.com to secure this special pricing and secure the domains you need!