Notice anything new?

New Owners, New Look, New Opportunities . . . But The Core of Corsearch Will Always Be You.

All of us here at Corsearch are excited to be entering the next phase of our company’s evolution.  As many of you know, at the beginning of this year Corsearch finalized its divestiture from Wolters Kluwer with the sale of the company to Audax Private Equity.  With the sale comes new opportunities and new possibilities and a new journey that we are thrilled to be taking with you, our cherished customers and partners.
You may have noticed some new things already.  The website you’re reading right now, for example, is newly designed with better formatting and a more user friendly layout.  Stay tuned for more website changes coming soon, as we update our content to make it easier for you to find the latest news and information about Corsearch products and services.  You may have also noticed our new logo, highlighting how our trademark and domain solutions go the very “core” of branding. 
Of course, our new website and new logo only scratch the surface of the new things going on at Corsearch.  Perhaps most importantly, being a new company gives us an ability to emphasize innovation in exciting ways.  So look to these pages for information about ground breaking products and features coming from us soon that use technological sophistication to drive profound new efficiencies in trademark searching. 
As they say, though, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  While we’re thrilled about transitioning to a new chapter of growth, we will never forget what’s been at the core of our success over all these years: you. So please know that you will always be able to trust Corsearch to be the company that hears you, that company that understands you, and the company that helps you.  As we turn the page and become a new, independent company, here’s to you, our customer, at the core of everything we do at Corsearch.