Corsearch provides an expanded selection of services to meet all of your copyright and title research needs.

Corsearch copyright researchers are able to locate difficult-to-find documents, easily track down current materials as they are transferred throughout the Copyright Office prior to approval and filing, and use relationships with officials and staff to bring the finest copyright research services to our clients.

Corsearch offers the following Copyright Services:

  • U.S. Full Copyright Search
  • Copyright Author/Claimant (Portfolio) Search
  • Copyright Assignment Search
  • Status Copyright Registration, Renewal and In-Process
  • Copyright Filing
  • Copyright Document Retrieval

Used to assess availability of publishing, television, motion picture, software, music, and other media titles in the U.S. and/or Canada, the Title Clearance Search is accepted by Errors and Omissions Insurance providers.

Corsearch offers the following Title Clearance Services:

  • British (U.K.) Title
  • French Language Title
  • Latin America (Spanish) Title
  • EU/EC Title
  • International Title
  • Canada Title
  • CanAm™ Title

Corsearch provides specialized assistance on copyright projects

Specialized assistance is available for complex copyright projects involving large numbers of properties, creative works with numerous derivatives, or any unique or challenging research project. An expert copyright researcher can provide a truly customized solution that best suits your individual projects.