Corsearch Pharmaceutical Clearance


Corsearch has unique expertise in the highly specialized field of pharmaceuticals and a deep understanding of industry requirements.

We offer comprehensive Search, Screening, Clearance, and Branding products and services to accelerate, simplify, and enhance your pharmaceutical trademark projects.


Our innovative pharmaceutical search gives you a complete picture of potentially conflicting marks worldwide. Expert searchers with pharmaceutical and regulatory knowledge and experience with therapeutic codes, administration, dosage, competitive products, client affiliates, and partners analyze potentially conflicting marks.

  • Simplifies and enhances the pharmaceutical trademark clearance process, covering the unique two-pronged nature of pharmaceutical brand clearance
  • Integrates name safety and FDA POCA rankings with trademark registry data
  • Organizes detailed data from PDUFA sources and relevant information in an easy-to-review summary format (US)
  • Enables you to quickly and easily check conflicting citations in one jurisdiction against any or all jurisdictions on our trademark screening system

POCA Search Online

No more waiting days for POCA results or wishing you could get a POCA score quickly! Combining the central benefits of POCA and PIU data, Corsearch has created an online, do-it-yourself tool that generates analyzed POCA scored pharma regulatory and pharma-in-use results.

Corsearch’s POCA Search Online tool will allow you to create and run the following reports:

  1. Regulatory POCA Search – covering US FDA, Health Canada and EMA
  2. Pharma PIU POCA Screening – including POCA scores and PIU POCA results on a regional or global basis
  3. Candidate Drug Name Comparison – a direct comparison feature that allows users to score ad-hoc pairs of names against a pre-defined list of drug names

Built for professionals who work in the pharmaceutical naming and clearance industries, including branding agencies, law firms and in-house corporate teams.

Branding Projects

We offer customizable solutions for global, regional, and even local naming projects that organize all of the logistics related to proposed products — from preliminary screening to clearance phases which can be broken down further into steps aligned with your key and secondary markets.

Further Clearance Searches

Initial drug name candidates that have passed legal and regulatory screening, can move to Corsearch’s wide range of full pharmaceutical searches to further mitigate risk for you favorite drug name candidates.

When it comes to analyzing search results in “foreign” registers, we recommend that you proceed with searches conducted by our locally based global associate network in order to capture local nuances to the search results. You may want to go one step further — we can also provide you with search reports with local opinion on a regional or global basis.

Project Management

Allow yourself to concentrate on your key capabilities (i.e., making decisions based on provided search reports) and let us reduce your administrative burden down to one search request for multiple jurisdictions, one report, and just one invoice.

Contact us to discuss the best possible options for clearing your new drug name.