There are now more than 1,000 domain extensions.

Domain infringement—the use of look-alike websites and similar domain names to create sites that siphon traffic and revenue from legitimate brands—is on the rise. An explosion in the number of new Internet addresses has created a wealth of opportunities for criminals and makes it increasingly difficult for brands and their legal teams to keep up with domain squatters stealing traffic and revenue.

Corsearch domain infringement solutions deliver comprehensive domain intelligence. Our platform empowers brand protectors to swiftly detect domain squatters, identify the most dangerous threats, generate the evidence needed to take action, and automate enforcement.



Are counterfeiters using common misspelling of your domain to capture traffic and sell fake products?

Traffic diverted to illicit sites

Are versions of your brand’s domain with new extensions (.brand, .soft, etc.) being used to route traffic to illicit websites?

Unauthorized Resellers

Are rogue resellers use domains with the phonetic spelling of your brand to create to sell competitors’ products?


Introducing Domain Vigilance from Corsearch

Corsearch Domain Vigilance allows your brand protection team to aggregate domain ownership information and to identify infringers targeting your brands. Traffic data and screenshots help identify and prioritize high-risk infringement. Our collaborative enforcement platform and evidence tracking features support swift infringement resolution.