Protect against infringement with Corsearch Watching.

Once you have cleared and registered your mark, maintaining its uniqueness is key to ensuring its continued value. At Corsearch, expert Watching specialists closely monitor new filings and publications of marks that may be confusingly similar to yours and notifies you of any findings.

Timely Delivery

At Corsearch, we understand that alerts regarding potential infringement need to be delivered without delay. That’s why our Watching specialists monitor trademark registrations to ensure that you have adequate time to prepare any opposition or other response to such events.

Relevant and Accurate

Corsearch minimizes irrelevant marks through a strict quality assurance regime where not one, but two sets of eyes review each citation — a key advantage over computer-generated and non-filtered notices.

Easy monitoring of your notifications on the Corsearch Platform

Corsearch’s integrated platform brings you the best data with the best tools.

  • Move seamlessly between views
  • Re-order columns so what’s most important is viewable in the order and format you choose
  • decide how much information appears in summary format alongside full record detail on your screen
  • Extensive sorting, filtering and tagging capabilities also allow for a high level of organization, and collaboration between users is easy, with all users’ notes viewable at a glance.
  • Create charts and correspondence directly within the platform.