Expert Watch Analysts

Expert Guided Search

What makes our Watching Solution one of the best of the industry is foremost the quality of our Watch Analysts.

Not only do they receive in-depth training when they first join Corsearch but they also benefit from ongoing mentoring from Experienced Analysts.

Our Analysts are linguists and come from different countries: in Europe they each speak at least 3 languages fluently. This is our #1 requirement to ensure they understand the similarity of concepts and pronunciation.

The selection of the most relevant marks is semi-automated to ensure greatest results and least noise. Our Analysts are able to adapt the strategy depending on our customers’s need and expectations, and seek clarification when needed.

Corsearch Watch Analysts not only work behind their computers, they also interact with our customers to better understand their needs, and are then able to select the most relevant marks or logo.

Expert Trademark Research Analysts

The accuracy, completeness, and currency of our data have led to spectacularly strong customer loyalty to Corsearch services. In ensuring the reliability of our data, a dedicated team reviews, cross-references, and corrects records in the Corsearch database, regardless of the source.

Corsearch does not purge inactive records from our databases to make room, understanding that our clients may need to know about those records. Further, we maintain unparalleled common law sources, well beyond the traditional databases provided by other vendors.