A Range Of Watching Solutions

Corsearch offers you a range of solutions from domains and online content watch to trademark, company name, and Office Action-based watch services. Products highlight pertinent information, and we constantly develop and enhance products to help you stay ahead of the curve based on your markets and workflows. This allows you to provide surveillance in the right geographies — with the most relevant tools.

Types of Watching Solutions

WORLD WATCH – Monitor trademarks in nearly 200 international jurisdictions

US COMPREHENSIVE WATCH – Monitor USPTO federal trademarks, state trademarks, top level domain names, and common law resources for potential infringement

US FEDERAL TRADEMARK WATCH – Monitor USPTO federal applications and published marks for potential infringement

US FEDERAL DESIGN WATCH – Monitor USPTO federal applications and published designs for potential infringement

US FEDERAL & STATE TRADEMARK WATCH – Monitor USPTO federal and state trademarks for potential infringement

US STATE TRADEMARK WATCH – Monitor State trademarks for potential infringement

US SECTION 2(d) WATCH – Monitor Section 2(d) refusals where your own marks are cited as confusingly similar. Receive information about your own marks being cited, monitor marks of interest, or opt to receive all Section 2(d) refusals issued by the USPTO

US OWNERSHIP WATCH – Monitor USPTO trademark filings, publications, as well as, state registrations for a given owner or registrant

US BUSINESS NAME WATCH – Receive notices about newly found business names from public sources

US TRACKING WATCH – Tracks trademarks through the USPTO trademark application and registration processes

US POST-SEARCH WATCH – Monitors and provides timely notification of potentially conflicting marks for 6 months after the Comprehensive Search

US STATE INCORPORATION NAME WATCH – Monitor corporate name filings in the US (excludes Delaware) for potential infringement

COMMON LAW WATCH – Monitor common law sources for potential infringement

US FEDERAL GOODS & SERVICES WATCH – Monitor filings in a particular industry or market

DOMAIN NAME WATCH (ORIGINAL AND NEW GTLDS) – Monitor domain name registrations, including the original and newly launched (expanded) generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) for potential infringement.

EUROPE WATCH – Monitor published marks for potential infringement in EU member states or geographical Europe with a single Watch. Individual countries can also be watched.

CANADA TRADEMARK APPLICATION AND ADVERTISEMENT (PUBLICATION) WATCH – Monitor CIPO new applications and advertised marks published in the Trademarks Journal.

WORLDWIDE OWNERSHIP (APPLICANT) WATCH – Monitor international publications of a given applicant/owner

INDIVIDUAL COUNTRY WATCH – Monitor your published marks for potential infringement.

WORLDWIDE COMPANY NAME WATCH – Monitors company filings for potential infringement worldwide

CORSEARCH LOCAL ASIA WATCH – Provide protection for marks in Asia markets with a Watch service focused on local phonetics and national classes and equipped with threat assessment features

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