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Cannabis-related products are booming amidst the "Green Wave", and brands face big challenges in naming and brand protection. Corsearch was first-to-market to offer a comprehensive search for cannabis-related goods and services by expert Corsearch researchers.

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The Green Wave

There’s a ‘Green Wave’ rolling across the United States and Canada, and cannabis-related product businesses are booming. In 2017, the U.S. accounted for 90% of the $9.5 billion global legal marijuana market, according to Forbes. And one of the hottest segments of the market is cannabidiol (CBD) drugs and wellness products. The Hemp Business Journal estimates the CBD market will break $2 billion by 2020.

Cannabis trademarks represent the new frontier in the legal brand clearance process.

Challenges and Opportunities For Brands

In the midst of this ‘Green Rush’ and questions about legalization and trademark registration, brands are facing big challenges in naming and brand protection as they venture out of the shadows of the marijuana business of the past and into the light of big business.

Corsearch Director of Product Management and industry expert Steve Anderson commented:

“Due to the complex nature of cannabis goods and services and the issues that surround them, brand clearance can be quite challenging in this space and there is more effort and handling involved in the clearance process. Additionally, smart cannabis branding and protection often requires a well-thought strategy. For these reasons, it is recommended that brand owners in this space seek the help of professionals experienced in cannabis law and cannabis trademarks in order to maximize value and mitigate potential risk.”

Learn More: 4 Ways Cannabis Companies Can Protect Their Brands

The opportunity for brands introducing products into the cannabis marketplace includes protecting those brand names during the establishment process through careful research. Performing a Cannabis Industry Search allows you to:

  • mitigate potential infringement lawsuits,
  • avoid wasted spend on marketing & branding,
  • avoid potential conflicts with other brand owners inside or outside of the cannabis marketplace,
  • and be prepared for doing business in the mainstream marketplace.

Cannabis businesses will need to adapt their branding strategies to work effectively in the broader market and under the light of more scrutiny than ever before.

Cannabis Industry Search by Corsearch

Corsearch saw the Cannabis-related market trend early and was first-to-market with a comprehensive Cannabis Industry Search by Expert Corsearch Researchers.


  • Broad scope of goods/services associated with Cannabidiol, Cannabis, CBD & Hemp products
  • Includes but not limited to smoking articles (vape/ecigarettes), topicals & edibles
  • Identifies possible conflicts with strains & dispensaries
  • Search through industry-specific websites
  • Check for existing conflicting cannabis medical & recreational brands using leading cannabis industry sources
  • Search for trademarks registered at the state level where cannabis is deemed by the state to be legal for medical and/or recreational use

For more information or to order a Cannabis Industry Search, please contact Corsearch HERE.


The Corsearch Cannabis Industry Search is currently offered only for the U.S. and Canadian markets. The use, possession, sale and distribution of cannabis remain illegal under federal law. Nothing contained in Corsearch products and services is intended to assist in any way with the violation of applicable law. Federal registration of trademarks is currently unavailable for any goods or services that violate the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) 21 U.S.C. § 801 et seq. For trademarks used in connection with goods or services that violate the CSA, state registration of trademarks may or may not be available depending on state law. Corsearch products and services should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction. Attorneys wishing to represent individuals and companies operating in the cannabis industry should consult applicable bar rules. Corsearch has no views or opinions on the legality of cannabis.

* Corsearch’s Cannabis Industry Search includes trademarks registered at the state level, where Cannabis is deemed by the state to be legal for medical and/or recreational use.

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