Darts-IP Case Law Integrated Into Watch & Search Reports

Darts-ip litigation information integrated within Corsearch products provides ground-breaking insight into risk potential of specific marks of interest.

Corsearch search & watch services now intergrated with best-in-class Darts-ip trademark litigation risk analysis

Together, Corsearch and Darts-ip combine previously time-consuming work processes into a single comprehensive analysis. To evaluate risk, we integrate Darts-ip’s proprietary case law searches directly into each trademark record in the Corsearch Search reports and Watch notice.

Accordingly, Corsearch and Darts-ip have created new efficiencies for the trademark practice and improve outcomes. This workflow enhancement is available at no additional charge for subscribers of both platforms. Instantly determine litigation risk while monitoring applications and publications Darts-ip uniquely provides global intellectual property structured case law data and tools.

Now, the Darts-ip solution has been integrated into Corsearch Search and Watch to allow practitioners to obtain Darts-ip’s targeted and proprietary litigation searches driven directly from each record within the Corsearch platform.

The trademark prosecution effort remains one of the most important areas of practice in protecting the rights and value of your clients’ brands.

Using Darts-ip’s information within the Corsearch Watch notices, professionals can expedite the litigation risk assessment and, thereby, better ascertain whether to oppose potentially infringing marks. By launching the case law assessments directly within the Corsearch Search & Watch workflows, practitioners will also avoid oversights and drive strategic consistency:

The 4 Data Points

1. Goods and Services Similarity

Which goods and services are deemed to be similar in case law?

Similar goods and services are automatically highlighted in your search or watch. Therefore, practitioners will not have to review the entire list of goods and services for each cited mark.

2. Found Mark Case Law Check

How often has a newly found mark been subject to litigation?

The integrated tool verifies whether the newly found trademark has already been involved in a dispute and whether the dispute was from the same owner.

3. Owner Litigiousness

How experienced is the owner? How often has the owner been party in cases? How often as defendant or as plaintiff?

Owners of trade marks who are experienced prosecutors and litigators are highlighted, as Darts-ip provides the number of disputes where the owner specifically was a plaintiff or a defendant.

4. Verbal Comparison of Marks

To help you assess the risk of confusion between the mark searched or watched and the cited mark, we give you examples of cases where trade marks with similar verbal structures have been compared.

Darts-ip displays cases where the most similar trade mark pairs are determined by trade mark verbal comparison and what the outcomes have been.


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