International Search Projects – A Case Study

No more multiple invoices, contacts and currencies. Corsearch manages a full search solution with legal advice that streamlines the administrative complexities of an international search.

The Problem

Overwhelmingly, the biggest complaint we hear from clients trying to manage International Search Projects without partner assistance is the administrative burden. Multiple result sources, formats, invoices and currencies create strain on resources, and make promoting this work prohibitive for many companies.


The Challenges

Recently we sat with an Associate Trademark Director for a leading Fortune 500 Medical Device Company to learn how partnering with Corsearch “cleared the desk”. Download the entire case study HERE.

“We mostly deal with international projects, so we have to conduct multi-country searches. Before hearing about the Corsearch solution I had to contact 30 agents from 30 different countries to place a search order. There would be back and forth emails with my agents to make sure they understood the projects and because they had questions related to their specific countries (for example, national codes in China).

After 8 to 10 days I would start receiving reports. They all had different layouts and of course the potential obstacles were not the same. For example, sometimes an international trademark identified as an obstacle in Germany would not have been identified as an obstacle in India. I would have my team review the 30 reports and do consistency checks. We often had questions related to the reports and would have to contact each agent individually, taking into account different time zones.

Last but not least, I would receive 30 invoices in 10 different currencies
Not the ideal solution, but I didn’t know of any others.”

The Solution

It was imperative that the Associate Trademark Director to make her team more efficient and save money, so she entrusted Corsearch with her International Search Projects.

How did Corsearch help you become more efficient and save time and money in the international search work process?

“Corsearch has simplified the process, which has enabled my team to focus on what they do best–assess the risk of the project. Thanks to Corsearch we have removed the administrative burden from them, and from me.

We have 1 contact who takes the order and follows the project from start to end. We receive 1 or several reports, but with the same layout. They even do the consistency check for me.

If I have any questions, I know who to talk to. And most importantly, my accounting department is happy to get 1 invoice in 1 currency!”


Intnl Search Project


Download the entire case study and cost savings HERE.

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