Trademark In-Use Investigations

Perform a discreet In-Use Investigation to determine whether a specific mark is already in use. Our experienced investigators and worldwide network help you protect your assets, and manage risk.

In-Use Investigations


  • Investigate trademarks discreetly without raising suspicion or causing conflicts
  • Save time and resources by depending on our experienced investigators and their worldwide network
  • Protect your assets and manage risks based on actionable intelligence gathered during the investigation
  • Receive a reliable in-depth investigative report to make well-informed decisions or build a case
  • Benefit from the fast turnaround to get the information you need when you need it
  • Detailed description of trademark owners and company investigations
  • Thorough research into websites linked to trademarks or companies in question
  • Comprehensive inquiry into relevant offline information sources
  • Investigation of shops & commercial premises

Includes a comprehensive approach that may include any or all of the following: searching the Internet, company website(s), proprietary databases, Secretary of State databases, and D&B records (US and International). Companies are contacted where appropriate. The final report will contain all pertinent investigative data that our team finds. This may include a company profile, a description of products/services, sales channels, how and where a mark is being used, and other relevant data about the use of the mark.


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