Trademark Screening Databases

Corsearch Screening provides instant access to a comprehensive set of global trademark, company name, domain, design and specialty databases, in an easy-to-use interface. Our comprehensive coverage enables you to have great understanding of your brand’s landscape in just minutes. Plus, knowing the quality of our data is paramount, we have a robust process in place to ensure your search is always pulling from databases of the highest quality.

Over 1000 Databases

Now, with over 1,000 databases, Corsearch Screening products and services help you fully evaluate and understand the obstacles and risks facing your brand.

The 1000+ Screening Databases include Global Trademark Registers, Industrial Design Databases, Company Name Databases, Specialty Databases, Domain Name Databases, and Mobile Application Databases.

The wide range of Specialty Screening Databases available on the Corsearch Platform make your screening efforts easier and more efficient. You can save hours of time using our accurate, reliable, and relevant data and integrated tools to understand and synthesize information the way your job requires.

Some of the Specialty Screening Databases available from Corsearch include US Restaurant Names, UK Companies, US TTB COLA, Global New Products Database (GNPD – Not available on any other platform), and Mobile Apps.

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