Types Of Trademark Searches

Corsearch provides many search types by country, region, or worldwide using advanced search strategies and relevance filtering. Account representatives and research staff collaborate closely with you to develop a custom-tailored profile to help you complete your work more accurately and efficiently.

Industry-Specific, Common Law, and Web Results Resources

Corsearch’s common law research covers an exhaustive and unrivaled list of global data sources to meet your trademark clearance needs across all industries.

Corsearch covers thousands of online sources, reference materials, databases, directories, books and proprietary compilations. Our common law coverage continues to grow as industries change. Our common law web results search consists of the most thorough search of targeted industry-specific websites available in a full search customized to each individual order. This is automatically included in the US Comprehensive Search, and can be ordered separately or in combination with other search products.

A Global Range of Options

Types of searches include:

US Comprehensive Search – Fully evaluate and understand all of the obstacles and risks facing your proposed marks with more features and tools than any other standard US trademark search in the industry.

Design Search – Determine trademark design availability.

Domain Name Search – Is your brand domain in use?

Company Name Search – Find out if a Company Name could be an obstacle to your proposed marks.

Common Law Search – A focused search of targeted industry-specific websites
that is customized to each individual order.

Social Media User Name Search – Gain insight on where your proposed brand name is being used as a user / vanity name in 40 of the world’s most popular social media site.

Web Common Law Search – A focused search of targeted industry-specific websites that is customized to each individual order.

Pharmaceutical Search – Get the industry’s most innovative pharmaceutical search – fully integrating name safety and FDA POCA rankings with trademark registry data.

International Search Project – Custom solutions for your International Naming Projects and Specialty Search needs.

Knock-out Searches – Use CMKO search to understand the landscape of a mark across important economies worldwide.

Speciality Searches – US Alcohol Beverage Availability Search, US Entertainment / Media Availability Search, US Merchandising / Licensing Search.


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