US Comprehensive Trademark Search

Our most popular search. Fully evaluate and understand all of the obstacles and risks facing your proposed marks with more features and tools than any other standard US trademark search in the industry. You can download a sample report right now!

We Think Looks Matter...

…which is why we recently gave the popular US Comprehensive Search Report a makeover!

We’ve released a series of enhancements to our US Comprehensive Search Report print/PDF formats that you’ll love, including:

US Comprehensive Search Report print/PDF features


A Comprehensive Search is just that: Comprehensive!

Using advanced search strategies and relevance filtering, Corsearch’s expert research analysts collaborate with you to deliver a thorough US search that you can easily and efficiently review — as well as create client-ready reports.

Unlike other trademark search providers, Corsearch assures that all reports are reviewed by an expert quality control professional. The result is the highest levels of search report quality in the industry.

A Truly Complete US Comprehensive Search

The US Comprehensive Search can be delivered via the Corsearch platform or in print, and includes the following with no additional costs:

Key Sources

  • US Federal & State trademark registers: the most current and comprehensive trademark data available
  • Comprehensive Madrid-Protocol coverage of US-designated marks
  • General and industry-specific common law resources
  • Business name databases*
  • US Library of Congress Copyright Records (1978-present) where applicable
  • Top level domain names
  • Web Common Law**


  • Newly-filed trademark applications, active registrations, and cancelled and abandoned marks
  • Inactive trademark records are not automatically purged
  • USPTO records grouped by similarity and relevance, including grouping owner and TTAB records where applicable
  • TTAB information includes all provided Opposition and Cancellation TTAB actions
  • Inactive records are not limited to identical trademarks, or by inactive date
  • Common law citations, complete domain name information, and web page screen shots
  • Most Recent Owner algorithmic derivation Online Features
  • Corsearch FOCUS™ graphically plots potential conflicts around your mark, with detailed record information simply a click away
  • Incorporated 2(d) Analytics with every Federal mark cited
  • Direct links to specimen of use
  • TDR links for Office Actions, Letter of Protest Memoranda, and Notice of Suspension
  • Cross-Check tool
  • Link to TARR
  • Investigative Tool suite, with industry-specific links and sources
  • Ability to add annotations and generate a customized chart of tagged records and investigations reports for your clients


  • Exact and similar trademarks, business names, and domain names

About Our Common Law Resources

Corsearch offers an in-depth review of available common law information. We deliver Comprehensive Searches that cover the particular needs of all industries.

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