Trademark  GeoMapping — Corsearch’s Next-Generation Trademark Research Tool

Thanks to the success of Corsearch FOCUS and feedback from users who overwhelmingly agree that visualizations help them pinpoint results with more precision and save time, we’ve launched yet another visualization tool —  Corsearch Trademark GeoMapping.

With Trademark GeoMapping, you can display and communicate clearance outcomes geographically during the global trademark clearance process while viewing data in a geo-visual manner. Evolving from the Corsearch Search Jurisdictional Overview, you can now use Trademark GeoMapping to display search results in two different ways – Mark Mode and Country Mode. This powerful new geographic view is both intuitive and interactive.

  • Filter your mark list results in either Mark or Country Mode by simply clicking on map objects.
  • Use the mark tagging system to tag marks of interest and automatically get a geographic view of the country with the highest priority tag.
  • Make viewing even easier. Choose different colors to denote different clearance levels and create country-specific jurisdictional availability comments for your mark.




In either mode, you can generate a map that shows where a mark is available, not available, at risk, etc., based on your own tag legend. This feature is a great communication tool to share with clients to show them visually how a mark fares in the clearance process on a multi-jurisdictional basis.

Corsearch Trademark GeoMapping is currently available in Corsearch Search Review and Screening. Ask your Local Account Manager for a demonstration. Experience how our next-generation trademark research tools can save you time, effort, and resources and make you stand out from the crowd.

Ask for a demonstration today.