Intuitive Platform & Reporting For Trademark Searching

Working Faster and Smarter on the Corsearch Platform

Use the intuitive Corsearch Platform to order your Full Search and review your results 

  • Review the results selected by our analyst first to focus on the most important ones before going deeper in the analysis.
  • Use some of our greatest features to investigate further and analyze your search results in-depth:
    • Focus® : identify visually and very quickly the most relevant marks before proceeding with your analysis. (Learn more)
    • GeoMapping : display on a worldwide map the result of your search to communicate them in a more visual way to your colleagues or customers. Use Geomapping to also identify the gap in your trademark’s protection or the trends in terms of trademark’s application. (Learn more)
    • Investigative tools : benefit from Corsearch Investigative tools to check whether the trademark is in use or not and to learn more about the products or services and the owner. Our Screenshot captor enables you to capture the web page in seconds. Include the results of your investigation in your search report.
    • Translate : use our instantaneous translation tool available in the platform to translate the description of goods & services in your own language.
    • Highlight goods & services : quickly identify the marks applied for the goods & services you are the most interested in or applied by a direct competitor.
  • Tag and annotate the most relevant marks.
  • Export the results and create your own report to share with colleagues and customers.