Join Us In Celebrating Some Big 2019 Brand Anniversaries

Join Us In Celebrating Some Big 2019 Brand Anniversaries

As we did last year, we’re rounding up some big brands celebrating milestone anniversaries this year…including one very familiar brand establishment and protection leader!




This birthday falls solidly into the category of “who knew?!”  Japan’s 3rd largest company, Nintendo, hits a whopping 130 this year. Those of you who thought Nintendo was born the day Mario hit the scene are sorely mistaken, the Nintendo brand was created way back in 1889 as a playing card company.



GAP Hits The Half-Century

The first GAP store opened its doors in 1969 on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco, selling Levi’s and LP records to attract teenagers. For 50 years they’ve been answering that question famously posed by Madonna and Missy Elliott (circa 2003), “Where’d you get them jeans?”



Fiat turns 120

In 1899 the oldest automotive company in Italy, Fiat, was founded as Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino with development of a 3 1/2 horsepower car. Although they only built 24 of those cars in 1900, it was the start of a series of innovations leading up to today’s 140 horsepower Fiat 124 Spider. The company says “We believe in the future, and even more than that, in the passion of our ideas: we know that these are the true elements that design our future.”



Mastercard Hits The Big 4-0 And Drops Their Name

Although its origins are even older, Mastercharge became Mastercard in 1979 partly to allow for debit card inclusion under the same name as the credit card brand. And in a surprise step in the evolution of its branding, Mastercard recently announced that they would be removing the word “Mastercard” from their logo in certain contexts, and stated that they “…are excited to see the iconic circles standing on their own”.



Salesforce – 20 Years Of CRM

Twenty years ago the digital age opened the door to new ways of tracking interactions with customers, and Saleforce developed a CRM platform go-to for big brands. Note: Although the company revenue was $8.39B in 2017, CRM does not stand for “Creating Reams of Money”.



Corsearch Is A…Septuagenarian?!

Yes, us! Corsearch begins its 8th decade as a leading brand establishment and protection company,  providing powerful solutions for Trademark Screening, Searching, and Watching, and Domain Vigilance. Plus, in late 2018 Corsearch acquired Sweden’s Yellow Brand Protection, empowering the company to offer a world class solution in Online Brand Protection. At 70 years old, we’ve never felt stronger!



Adidas – Highly Recognizable at 70

Adidas, whose logo we reported in June 2018 as having topped the 2018 Brandwatch Brand Visibility Report, is hitting a familiar anniversary this year…Same as Corsearch, Adidas turns 70!



Marvel Goes Old School

And for our final birthday brand, Marvel is celebrating 80 years of entertaining fans by bringing back “Marvel Comics Presents”. Die-hards will recognize this series as the place that introduced then-little-known names like “Wolverine” and “Captain America”…




*The above-mentioned brands are noted for factual reporting purposes only, the listing of the brands does not imply any relationship with Corsearch or its related entities.




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