We are Corsearch.

Executive Leadership Team

Tobi Hartmann
Chief Executive Officer, Corsearch
Stephen Stolfi
Chief Commercial Officer, Corsearch
Satoru Ogawa
Chief Financial Officer, Corsearch

Senior Leadership Team

Daniel Bennett
Chief Executive Officer, Yellow Brand Protection
Klas Karlsson
COO, Yellow Brand Protection
Diane Plaut
General Counsel and Privacy Officer, Corsearch
Mark Jacobs
SVP, Global Commercial Services, Corsearch
David Butler
SVP, Product & Market Planning, Corsearch
Chip Hillman
VP Financial Planning, Corsearch
Malia Ladd
VP Global Customer Service & NA Operations, Corsearch
Phillip Humphries
Head of Human Resources, Americas, Corsearch
Koen Vercoulen
Head of Human Resources, Rest of World, Corsearch
Gretchen Gellert
Director of Product Planning, Corsearch
David Grossman
Director of Watch Operations, Corsearch
Caroline Lefort
Director of Global Marketing, Corsearch