Making The Paralegal’s Life Easier – An Interview

We work to make the Paralegal's work easier.

We sat down with Senior Paralegal Nicole Bosshardt from Motorola recently to learn about her 17 years of experience using Corsearch services.

Nicole Bosshardt“When I left my last firm to join Motorola, I immediately persuaded the company to switch to Corsearch. It has all the elements that paralegals need.” Nicole said. “We use the Corsearch worldwide watch service, preliminary screening and comprehensive searches.”

Corsearch understands well the needs of the paralegal and has long designed products and features with you in mind. We’ve designed a one stop shop platform to easily conduct preliminary screens, review and organize search results, and manage a watch portfolio. Exclusive features benefitting paralegals include an opposition timeline for watching, cross-check investigative tools for search review, and web checks for screening.

Nicole mentioned a few features she really likes about our Screening Platform:

1. The ability to create and save sets of registers, saving her time when building search strategies
2. The flexibility of the search fields to help her narrow or broaden her search
3. The output she can save and export as a PDF to share with customers
4. The possibility to go back to a search months after and refine criteria

But what truly sets Corsearch apart is our human approach, and our ongoing daily support for paralegals. Nicole’s greatest compliment came when asked about her experience with Corsearch customer support:

“I absolutely know they will help me solve my issue when I call, no matter what it takes,” she said. “When a search yields too many results they even call me to ask how they can best sort the results to fit my needs.”

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