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Are you prepared to craft a domain name strategy that addresses the entire brand lifecycle? The process of securing and protecting domain names is vital to brand value, especially as the domain world becomes increasingly complex.  Corsearch offers a broad portfolio of domain name services to support the creation, management and security of these important assets.

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Protecting Your Domain Name Life Cycle

There are now more than 1,000 domain extensions

Domain infringement—the use of look-alike websites and similar domain names to create sites that siphon traffic and revenue from legitimate brands—is on the rise. An explosion in the number of new Internet addresses has created a wealth of opportunities for criminals and makes it increasingly difficult for brands and their legal teams to keep up with domain squatters stealing traffic and revenue.

Corsearch domain infringement solutions deliver comprehensive domain intelligence. Our platform empowers brand protectors to swiftly detect domain squatters, identify the most dangerous threats, generate the evidence needed to take action, and automate enforcement.

The proliferation of domain names is making managing them a constantly moving target

Opportunities to mishandle domain names include errors in registration and related processes, failure to comply with the transfer policy, and poor administration of domain names by registrars, resellers, and registrants. With the release of thousands of new gTLDs, multiple registries and registrars, and a constant flow of new domain names and expirations, brands face a major challenge to monitor, manage, and protect their valuable domain names.

Managing a large domain name portfolio is an extremely complex, resource-intensive endeavor that is often handled in the background of IT, marketing, and corporate legal departments. This creates a risky environment where, in the tracking expiration dates, ownership, and renewals, the left hand may not know what the right hand is not doing. Your domain names are too important to your business to be an afterthought.

Corsearch Domain Name Services

Management: Control Every Step Of The Domain Life Cycle

Domain Portfolio Management has become increasingly complex, with domain name strategy requiring careful coordination between Legal, IT and Marketing departments. Corsearch Domain Name Services provide practical advice for creating a policy framework, including best practices for ongoing auditing, integration with trademark strategy and regular portfolio review.

Vigilance: Leverage Powerful Research Tools

When researching domain name data for any reason, from risk assessment to due diligence, Domain Vigilance provides fast and convenient platform for extracting key insights in the domain name space.

Recovery: Take Action With Our Experienced Consultants

Corsearch offers a variety of additional services to support your domain name strategy, including anonymous domain acquisitions, domain investigations and recovery services, due diligence audits and automated monitoring.

Corsearch Domain Management

Domain names have become some of the most valuable assets major brands possess. Yet protecting them is often decentralized and under-prioritized, creating a needless risk of serious domain name loss or misuse. Corsearch Domain Management allows your brand owners and legal teams to centralize and strengthen domain name portfolio monitoring and protection, giving you a clear view of all of your assets and their status, simplifying and securing domain name management.

Corsearch Domain Vigilance

Corsearch Domain Vigilance allows your brand protection team to aggregate domain ownership information and to identify infringers targeting your brands. Traffic data and screenshots help identify and prioritize high-risk infringement. Our collaborative enforcement platform and evidence tracking features support swift infringement resolution.

Corsearch Domain Recovery

As an on-demand, web-based solution, Corsearch has developed a proven business model that recovers typo traffic (as much as 5% of a brand’s monthly web traffic). Corsearch uses highly automated systems and algorithms to identify misspelled domains names that potentially infringe on a brand’s active trademark. Corsearch gathers the necessary evidence to act, and file cases to reclaim those domain names through a complaint process similar to arbitration. Recapturing the lost traffic through recovered typo domain names while redirecting the traffic back to the trademark holder.

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