markASAP™ Trademark Search

markASAP™ is a new online search from Corsearch that enables users to retrieve relevant, scored results, instantly. The platform is easy to use and navigate, presents results in an easy to understand – and share – format and helps you make the decision about how to proceed with your trademark clear and straightforward.

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markASAP™ - Minimize Risk and Maximize Confidence

Confidently deciding about how best to proceed with your trademark requires the ability to quickly identify possible challenges or obstacles to your trademark from both similar and identical marks.

An Instant Snapshot

In the time it takes to turn on your computer…
to take back your stapler…
to make a cup of coffee…

markASAP™ has scanned 168 global databases for potential obstacles quickly and efficiently, and retrieved relevant, scored results.

Works In Real Time

Provides an instant snapshot. markASAP™ is fast and efficient allowing the user to identify potential obstacles quickly.

Intuitive and Easy-To-Use

markASAP™ is simple and straightforward, both to use the platform and the way in which the results are presented.

Cost Effective

...and value for money. markASAP™ is highly cost effective, keeping you in control of your budget.

As Simple As Possible


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