Trademark Screening

Narrowing your list takes valuable time and resources. And when one or more brand name candidates are under consideration and you need the most reliable options. Corsearch Screening helps you and your clients knock out brands unfit for full legal clearance.

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Why Corsearch Trademark Screening?

Trademark practitioners recognize Corsearch Trademark Screening as a reliable, sophisticated easy-to-use screening tool. Move seamlessly from initial query of over 1000 databases — with our proprietary, best-in-class phonetics engine — to a completely customizable screening review. Then create charts with the information you need in the format you want to build finished documents.

Trademark Screening with over 1000 databases

Corsearch Trademark Screening provides instant access to a comprehensive set of global trademark, company name, domain, design and specialty databases, in an easy-to-use interface.

Intuitive Platform and Reporting

Review and analyze your results on an intuitive & collaborative platform, and create customizable reports for optimal trademark screening.

Data Quality and Reliability

Accurate, complete and current data ensure the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Trademark Geomapping

Corsearch Trademark GeoMapping lets you see clearance outcomes geographically through powerful visualizations. Experience how this next generation trademark research tool can save you time and effort.

Query, Refine, Select, Investigate, And Prepare Client-Facing Documents With Ease

Move seamlessly from initial query — with our proprietary, best-in-class phonetics engine — to a completely customizable Trademark Screening review.

Vantage Automated Query

Trademark Screening is even easier, faster, and more cost-effective using Corsearch Vantage automated query tool. Quickly fine-tune your Trademark Screening strategy, without re-typing complex query strings.

FOCUS™ Trademark Research Results

Corsearch FOCUS delivers an eye-catching visualization of trademark research results that enables you to quickly and easily grasp the relationship between your marks and any potential conflicts.

Trademark Investigative Tools

Launch follow-up online investigations — from general Web content to industry-specific investigations — directly from each record of your search report and capture the investigative content along with your chart for reporting purposes. Only on the Corsearch Platform!

Our Clients Say

Simply put - it’s user friendly. When I’m running dozens of searches a day across multiple countries and those proposed brands change at a moments notice, the platform is designed in such a way that it’s easy to pick up right where I left off or make changes to my searches without the need to re-enter all search parameters. The Corsearch screening solution was clearly developed with the busy IP professional in mind.

Anthony Palumbo

Associate General Counsel, Leading CPG Company

Corsearch’s trademark screening tools make it easy for our teams to collaborate on search projects by allowing us to share screenings as we work together on the same screening. We have been able to reduce costs by performing more extensive screenings internally using Corsearch’s broad database coverage!

Assistant General Counsel

Leading International CPG Company

I have been using The Corsearch Platform for years and I think it is great. This is very user friendly. I would not bother learning a new tool. Given the number of users we have at the firm we needed a robust platform but also a platform which do not require extensive training. This is an excellent platform.


US Law Firm

The Investigative Tools that Corsearch provides are excellent. They save me so much time in making an in-use or owner investigation!

General Attorney

Trademarks & Copyrights, Leading Global Media Company

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