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Corsearch offers a wide range of clearance searches, and helps you fully evaluate and understand all the obstacles and risks facing your proposed mark. The Corsearch Search Solution provides more features and tools than any other standard trademark search in the industry.

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Why Corsearch Trademark Searching?

Highly trained expert research analysts guide you through the process from beginning to end. No other company offers Corsearch’s powerful trademark searching, quantity of data, deep analytics, investigative tools, and unequalled customer service.

Expert Researchers For Efficient Trademark Searching

Rely on highly trained & expert researchers working with a powerful search engine to offer you the best Trademark Searching Solution.

Intuitive Platform and Reporting

Review and analyze your results on an intuitive & collaborative platform, and create customizable reports.

Data Quality and Reliability

Accurate, complete and current data ensure the highest standards of quality and excellence.


US Comprehensive Trademark Search

Our most popular search. Fully evaluate and understand all of the obstacles and risks facing your proposed marks with more features and tools than any other standard US Trademark Search in the industry. Plus we've released a series of enhancements to our US Search Report print/PDF formats that you'll love.

Cannabis Industry Search

Cannabis-related products are booming amidst the "Green Wave", and brands face big challenges in naming and brand protection. Corsearch was first-to-market to offer a comprehensive search for cannabis-related goods and services by expert Corsearch researchers.

Types Of Trademark Searches

Corsearch provides many search types by country, region, or worldwide using advanced search strategies and relevance filtering. Account representatives and research staff collaborate closely with you to develop a custom-tailored profile to help you complete your work more accurately and efficiently.

Trademark Investigative Tools

Launch follow-up online investigations — from general Web content to industry-specific investigations — directly from each record of your search report and capture the investigative content along with your chart for reporting purposes. Only on the Corsearch Platform!

Trademark In-Use Investigations

Perform a discreet In-Use Investigation to determine whether a specific mark is already in use. Our experienced investigators and worldwide network help you protect your assets, and manage risk.

Darts-IP Case Law Integrated Into Watch & Search Reports

Darts-ip litigation information integrated within Corsearch products provides ground-breaking insight into risk potential of specific marks of interest.

What Clients Say

The Corsearch Customer Service team will call me to discuss any questions or the volume of results so that we ensure the most relevant will be included in our reports. This is what makes Corsearch a great partner.

Nicole Bosshardt

Senior Trademark Paralegal, Motorola Mobility

At the end of the day, the search is about reliability and quality. We need our search reports to be on-target with pertinent references. That’s why we come to Corsearch — the reports are smart, complete, and not packed with irrelevant and time-wasting data. The organization of the material and the ease of customizing charts streamlines the analysis and reporting to clients, and saves us valuable time.

Susan Upton Douglass

Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu

I can always trust Corsearch to provide me with tools that expedite my analysis of their outstanding research, with unique investigative tools and charting capabilities that make it easier for me to deliver meaningful results to our clients.

Senior Manager, Trademarks

Law Group at Leading Pharmaceutical Company

I have been ordering Corsearch Full Searches for many years and I am really pleased with the results. The selection is always relevant and the reports are delivered very quickly on the platform.

Larry Rickles

Chief Trademark Counsel, Teva Pharmaceuticals

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