Trademark Watching

Once you have cleared and registered your mark, maintaining its uniqueness is key to ensuring its continued value. At Corsearch, expert Watching specialists closely monitor new filings and publications of marks that may be confusingly similar to yours and notifies you of any findings.

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Why Corsearch Watching?

To maintain and protect your marks’ value and uniqueness. Using our industry-leading investigation and collaboration tools, Corsearch Trademark Watching helps you efficiently prepare for prosecution or litigation matters.

Expert Watch Analysts

What makes our Watching Solution one of the best of the industry is foremost the quality of our Watch Analysts.

Intuitive Platform and Reporting for Watching

Review and analyze your results on an intuitive & collaborative platform, and create customizable reports.

Data Quality and Reliability

Accurate, complete and current data ensure the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Timely Delivery

Corsearch understands that alerts regarding possible infringement need to be delivered without delay. Potentially conflicting marks are monitored and detected on a timely basis to ensure that you have adequate time to prepare an opposition or other response to such events.

Relevant And Accurate

Corsearch minimizes irrelevant citations through a strict, two-stage quality assurance process involving automated and human analytic review — a key advantage over solely computer generated and non filtered notices. On the online platform, extensive filtering options let each user on your team see the notices relevant to them.

A Range Of Watching Solutions

Corsearch offers you a range of solutions from domains and online content watch to trademark, company name, and Office Action-based watch services. Products highlight pertinent information, and we constantly develop and enhance products to help you stay ahead of the curve based on your markets and workflows. This allows you to provide surveillance in the right geographies — with the most relevant tools.

Manage Your Analysis And Output

Collaborate with colleagues and clients with real-time viewing of user notes at a glance. With a single click, you can create charts and correspondence for quick and easy export to your printer or work application.

Darts-IP Case Law Integrated Into Watch & Search Reports

Darts-ip litigation information integrated within Corsearch products provides ground-breaking insight into risk potential of specific marks of interest.

What Clients Say

I have used Corsearch Watch services for many years and I really appreciate the quality of the information I receive. The number of notifications I get is quite manageable and I can easily conduct further investigations on the platform.

Larry Rickles

Chief Trademark Counsel, Teva Pharmaceuticals

Corsearch Watch results are reliable, timely, and delivered in a manner that is clear and allows for speedy review.


US Law Firm

It is very easy to review the watch notices but also to inform customers. The platform is also very easy to use and I love some of the unique features you offer : Web Check, Cross Check but also the output. You also provide more marks than the competition and I like it.


Italian Law Firm

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